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Free Form Narrow Stool - Monkeypod

Product Details

Dimensions: WDH": +/- 12 x 12 x 18

Package: 1

CBM: 0.04

Assembly Required: No

Origin: Thailand

Product Info:

*Each piece is unique and will vary in size and shape.

  • Root wood
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • *Glass Top is not included 

Collection and Product Care Info:

  • Each piece is 100% unique and every one will vary in size, shape, and pattern.
  • The pieces are raw, natural pieces of wood.
    • To keep the organic look, only the tops of the pieces have been sanded to a flat surface.
    • Minor cracking may happen over time naturally, but should not compromise the integrity of the pieces.
    • We recommend to clean/dust before delivering this to your customer.
    • Always use a protective pad when setting the pieces.
    • A teak oil may be purchased separately at a finishing or paint store if your customer requests a more finished look. 
  • Many pieces are very heavy, some needing 3-4 people to move (due to weight and organic shapes)
Free Form Narrow Stool - Monkeypod